Announcement of embedded code in the former official Web site of the Jasic Worker Support Group


The original solidarity website( ,Please don’t click on this URL.) was found to have been implanted with malicious code on 26 January 2019, which could exploit security vulnerabilities to steal the privacy of visitors.



  1. Stop visiting the original Support Group’s website, which is no longer updated, and now go to .Hope our dear readers could receive this message in time and save the new website.

  2. Use Safe and reliable browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, and install anti-tracking plug-ins to protect your privacy. If possible, use the TOR browser to access our website.

  3. You could disable web scripting while visiting the site. Please re-enable the script after the visit so as not to affect the normal use of other sites

  4. Install security patches in a timely manner and use reliable security antivirus software.

Jasic Worker Support Group

February 12,2019